Easier with the lens cap off!

[This is my response to Paul’s
updated: 19/09/2011]

Paul’s bellyaching blog post ‘10 Reasons Why Climbing Photography is Easier Than Making Climbing Films‘ got me thinking… it appears that he’s film making career has been a ‘life altering journey, resulting in lack of sleep and social contact, malnourishment and an existential crisis.
I didn’t realise… 😉

On my fb page I’ve asked some industry professionals the question, Is taking stills easier than shooting video? And the views seemed to be equally polarised.

After my initial very defensive reaction, I sat down to think… I could put a list together like Paul… but what’s the point?

Photography is both still and moving images… and the truth is that the only thing that sets them apart is the importance of the ‘decisive moment‘ with still images! That’s why shooting stills isn’t easy… because you’ve got to be able to close a whole story and capture the light in this one single still frame.

I’m sure about one thing though… shooting stills or video… it’s always easier with the lens cap off!
Don’t worry Paul… I’ll be covering some basics during my photography workshops in Wales! 😉

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  1. October 15, 2011 | Reply
    Matias says:

    My facebook picture is in there……of course taking stills it’s harder

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