Bonita Norris for Ordnance Survey

New set of images for the upcoming Ordnance Survey‘s campaign with Bonita Norris.
20150515_Bonita-Norris_OS-_P7A9742 final 16-bit copy20150515_Bonita-Norris_OS-_P1A0608 final 16-bit copy20150515_Bonita-Norris_OS-_P7A9884 final 16-bit copy20150515_Bonita-Norris_OS-_P1A0522 final 16-bit copy20150515_Bonita-Norris_OS-_P7A9966 final 16-bit copy

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Beautiful Peru

Few pics from one amazing journey to Peru…
I’ll be running photography workshops in HuayHuash in October 2015 and June 2016, you can find out more here.

20150429_Peru_Lima-_P1A8585 Clymb20150501_HuayHuash-_P1A8952 Clymb20150502_HuayHuash-_P7A9082 Clymb20150501_HuayHuash-_P7A9014 Clymb20150503_HuayHuash-_P1A9414 Clymb20150503_HuayHuash-_P1A9450 Clymb20150504_HuayHuash-_P1A9673 clymb

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Maravilloso Perú! – Photography Workshops in Cordillera Huayhuash

I’ll be leading two photography workshops in Peru over the next 12 months… one this October (25th – 30th Oct.) and another one in June 2016 (12th – 17th June).
More information below… Come and join us and get inspired!
Book and find out more on our workshops website –

“We strongly believe that creating a great adventure image is a team effort. During our 7 days of shooting our workshop leader, Lukasz Warzecha, will share his experience of working with some of the world’s leading adventure-sport athletes, and we’ll be able to explore the creative process when working within the mountainous environment. This workshop is the perfect opportunity to learn how to effectively merge landscapes and the human presence. Lukasz will make you familiar with shooting fast and light when trekking or climbing, carrying only the bare minimum of gear. Plus we will also have a chance to explore more complicated lighting scenarios, and learn how to find the balance on what to take and what to leave behind to make the most of your shooting day. In addition to experiencing an unforgettable learning adventure, workshop attendees will receive a goodie bag from Lowepro, one of Lukasz’s sponsors.”

“The Huayhuash mountain range is formed by twenty one high altitude Andean peaks. It is considered one of the most beautiful mountain sceneries in the world, and is protected as a Peruvian Conservation Area. It became world famous by Joe Simpson’s “Touching the Void”.
This pristine mountain environment will be the setting of our workshop sponsored by Lowepro. A unique hands-on experience involving breathtaking locations, extreme conditions, and the chance to learn how to capture human element and outdoors activities. Over the past 5 years, Lukasz Warzecha, our workshop leader (and winner of the prestigious Nature’s Best Magazine Windland Smith Rice Award), has carved out a formidable reputation as one of the top adventure photographers in the world. Living everyday life by his own words that ‘This is the most exciting time to be a photographer ever! He has photographed on 4 continents on assignment for National Geographic, The North Face, WL GORE, Mountain Equipment, Petzl and Black Diamond (among others).”

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TOP 5 (6) Trekking/Camping Outdoor Gear for Photographers

I’m back from our reccy trip to Peru, unpacked and thought I would share with you my favourite essential pieces of kit for a long trekking/camping trips in the mountains.
It’s the basics really, nothing fancy… So here’s my Top 5 (6) pieces of outdoor gear with some real product pics directly from the HuayHuash base camp!

LOWEPRO – Toploader Pro75 AW II Camera Bag
They have been featured in my last TOP 5 and no surprise, I carry both of my cameras in these top loaders at all times to make sure they are well protected and ready to use!
Built for speed, agility and flexibility, the Toploader Pro 75 AW II delivers a compact and fast-access solution.
Pro75 takes a PRO DSLR with lens attached plus another lens or flash gun and ton of small accessories. It comes with a simple yet effective chest harness which makes it perfect for skiing, hiking or mountain biking. You will never miss the shot as the Pro75 allows you to have your camera well protected but always handy.
2015-05-04 07.46.31

MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT – Aurora II Sleeping bag
Aurora bags have been specifically developed to excel in cold, damp and humid environments. Resilient, warm and compressible they bring cutting edge synthetic insulation together with the most advanced sleeping bag design.
Over night at 4000 meters it gets cold (very cold!) and every morning we would wake up to a layer of ice on our tents.
In these damp and cold conditions Aurora kept us nice and warm! Very comfortable!
2015-05-04 07.31.52

EXPED – SYNMAT UL 7 M Sleeping mat
The SynMat UL is the ultra light and ultra compact version of the SynMat with slightly lower insulating, puncture and abrasion resistance values.
It packs very small and provides great deal of comfort and insulation.
2015-05-04 07.32.14

ORTLIEB – Waterproof Duffle 60l
The Duffle is for adventurers searching the extreme and expecting excellent performance. The waterproof travel bag protects clothing etc. from water and dirt.
When hiking in the Andes or other big mountain ranges you are likely to use donkeys or porters to carry your stuff. Packing everything into a waterproof duffle guaranteed that my sleeping bag and everything else was dry at the campsite.
2015-05-04 07.34.41

JULBO – sunglasses
Need of protecting your eyes in the outdoors especially in the mountains is nothing new! Julbo offers great products, sleek designs at great prices. You will look cool, guaranteed!
2015-05-04 07.34.57

LIGHT MY FIRE – Meal Kit 2.0
Spork has been around for ages… but this simple kit provides you with everything you need at the campsite. Everything packs into a small package and is 100% waterproof for carrying any type of food inside.
And real bonus… they’re made in Sweden!
2015-05-04 07.39.39

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Sophie Christiansen for Women’s Sport Trust

Portrait series with Sophie Christiansentriple gold medalist from the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. Appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2013 New Year Honours for services to equestrianism.
Sophie Christiansen for Women’s Sport TrustSophie Christiansen for Women’s Sport Trust

Location: Mill House Farm Stables, Buckinghamshire
Producer: Danielle Sellwood, Women’s Sport Trust
Photography Assistant: Jimmy Hyland

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Top 5 Adventure Photography Tips

‘Modern digital camera technology has become so advanced, that anyone can now take a good photo.’ – It’s a comment you hear a lot nowadays, and like many headlines there is a grain of truth behind it. Many more people have access to a camera that has the potential to take a quality image, the reality is however that there are still as many bad photos being taken, it’s just they are now in focus and correctly exposed.
As a pro photographer I know that there are no short cuts and that the finest image making takes years of practice to perfect, but there are a few basic points that will help anyone make that step up from snaps to quality photography.
_MG_3111 copy
1. Get only the gear you need
It’s easy to fall into the trap that new shiny kit is going to transform your pictures. In fact it can be a hindrance. One camera and one lens is a good start. Learn how to master the basics and get the most out that set up before flashing the cash. Don’t suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

2. Quality over quantity
With high capacity storage cards there are no real limits on the number of images you could take. However don’t spray your camera around with your finger on the trigger. Take the time to consider when it is the right moment to press the shutter. Make your shoots count.

3. Compose with care
How you frame your image is one of the biggest keys to successful photography. Pay special attention to the edges of your frame. Remember it isn’t just what you include but what you leave out of the shot.

4. Familiarize yourself with composition rules
There are several well practiced methods to good composition. The rule of thirds is one – where if the central focus of the image is placed off centre around the line of a third/ two-thirds, the overall image feels more dynamic and exciting as the eye is drawn away from dead centre. Of course when you’ve learnt the rules – you can start to experiment and break them.

5. Get out and shoot
There is no real substitute for practice. When ever you get the chance pick up your camera. Often it’s the days when there are few expectations, perhaps poor weather or an unglamorous subject, the magic happens.

In the end however photography is a simple business, forget about who has the most expensive kit, or who talks the loudest – your work should speak for itself.

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Shauna Coxsey portraits – Red Bull

20150414_Shauna-Coxsey-7452 16bit final proof20150414_Shauna-Coxsey-7352 16bit final proof20150414_Shauna-Coxsey-7515 16 bit final proof copy

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#BeAGameChanger Awards – Imagery of the Year 2015 – FINAL

Our ‘Wild Women’ video series produced for EpicTv is in the final three in the #BeAGameChanger Imagery of the Year 2015 Awards.

The “Wild Women” series was born from a simple viewpoint – that there’s so little video content with strong female athletes and this was an opportunity to tell some of these great stories. The idea was to create genuine films to inspire others and showcase the personalities and abilities of the characters.
All 8 episodes you can watch here.

The awards will be decided in a public vote and we need your support, please follow the link below and vote… All winners will be revealed on Thursday May 14th, 2015.
Thank you.


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My TOP 5 Winter Season Outdoor Gear

Winter is almost over and honestly, I’m looking forward to all the Summer adventures ahead… climbing, paddling, mountain biking and scuba diving.
I had a fantastic season skiing in Chamonix and as I’m unpacking and sorting out the gear, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite bits of kit I’ve been using this winter!

The Cloudburst 25 combines a waterproof fold drybag and lightweight pack and its perfect for all those days when you’re accessing off-piste skiing using lifts. Your avalanche kit, spare gloves and jacket fit perfectly and it would be really hard to find another waterproof backpack under 300 grams. Of course you wouldn’t try to attach/carry your skis strapped to this pack as the fabric and the pack construction is too weak.
Overall is a very comfortable backpack and since it’s so small and light when empty it’s just perfect for travel.
2015-04-05 18.44.48-copy

A cutting-edge synthetic mountain jacket combining insulation, protection and mobility in one streamlined package.
In one word this is my go to mid-layer insulation piece when I’m shooting or just being active in the hills in winter.
Overall it’s a simple technical jacket without the bells and whistles that works, it’s warm, windproof and absolutely essential!
2015-04-05 18.47.59-copy

The lightest 4-buckle Alpine Touring boot on the market, the Spectre achieves the greatest range of cuff rotation in its class. The patented design allows a full 60 degrees of ankle movement and the Vertebra construction adds support for downhill performance.
The most comfortable and lightweight ski boot I’ve ever had a chance to use, I also love the funky buckles with micro adjustments.
2015-04-05 18.48.47-copy

LOWEPRO – Toploader Pro75 AW II Camera Bag
Built for speed, agility and flexibility, the Toploader Pro 75 AW II delivers a compact and fast-access solution.
Pro75 takes a PRO DSLR with lens attached plus another lens or flash gun and ton of small accessories. It comes with a simple yet effective chest harness which makes it perfect for skiing, hiking or mountain biking. You will never miss the shot as the Pro75 allows you to have your camera well protected but always handy.
If ever I was only allowed to buy one camera bag it would have to be (without doubt!) the Toploader Pro75 AW II!
2015-04-05 18.52.50-copy

PETZL – NAO Headlamp
Ultra-powerful, multibeam rechargeable headlamp with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology that automatically adjusts brightness and beam pattern.
Compared with my first Zoom Petzl head torch (absolutely classic over 10 years ago!) NAO headlamp is from another planet… I love the fact that it adjusts the brightness depending on the environment and being able to charge it through a USB port on my laptop means I never ever have to carry spare AA batteries!
2015-04-05 20.01.15-copy

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NEW PORTFOLIO 2015 – website update

I’m very pleased to present a long overdue portfolio and website revamp with new galleries from our recent adventures. Enjoy!
A lot of hard work went into this update and frankly I couldn’t do it without a professional help from Peter Dennen (Pedro+Jackie Photo Consultants), skilful designers and helpful staff at (our website host and provider), my friend and writer Nick Bullock (thank you for the BIO note) and Kirsten Schultz (kick ass graphic designer) for putting the final touches.
Lukasz About ME pg v3.web

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