Shauna Coxsey – 2nd in the #IFSC World Cup – [Portfolio Work]

Well done to Shauna Coxsey for her fantastic season…
2nd overall in the #IFSC Bouldering World Cup at the age of 21 with two gold medals along the way.
Shauna CoxseyShauna Coxsey

© Lukasz Warzecha 2014 – All Rights Reserved

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National Geographic – Talisker Storm Adventure campaign

I’m very pleased to share the National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure campaign.
More on the National Geographic website.
National Geographic  -Talisker Storm Adventure

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Climb Magazine cover with Adam Ondra

Climb Magazine

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‘Wild Women’ – EpicTV Video Series | Teaser

Wild Women is our new documentary series for EpicTV following the lives and passions of eight incredible female athletes: Hannah Barnes, Ellen Brennan, Shauna Coxsey, Martina Cufar, Karen Darke, Faith Dickey, Caroline George and Sarah Ridgway. From Paralympians to wingsuit pilots, mountain guides to future bouldering world champions these eight ladies are pushing the boundaries of what’s humanly possible.
How Do Ordinary Women Do Extraordinary Things?
Wild Women
Visit PolishedProject website for all the latest!

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Adam Ondra visits the Peak District – VIDEO

One of the World’s best climbers Adam Ondra visits The Peak as part of the La Sportiva weekend. Onsighting Masters Edge, Balance It Is, The Knock and Messiah.

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LaSportiva Weekend – Adam Ondra visits the Peak District

I had a great time following Adam Ondra during his UK visit. It was a very ‘run and gun‘ style assignment… after all the purpose of Adam’s visit was to climb not to do a photoshoot!
There’s more to read about the weekend over at Lyon’s Outdoor website.
Look out for the next issue of Climb Magazine with more exclusive images.
Thank you to Lyon Outdoor and Outside Shop in the Peak District for the opportunity and an awesome weekend.

Short video to follow soon.Adam Ondra discusses moves at Raven Tor with Neil Gresham - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon OutdoorGearing up... - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon OutdoorAdam Ondra onsighting 'Balance it is' E7 - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon OutdoorAdam Ondra with Neil Gresham at Burbage South - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon OutdoorAdam Ondra topping out on 'Messiah' E7 - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon OutdoorAdam Ondra during his lecture at Outside shop - All Rights Reserved - Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon Outdoor
All Rights Reserved – Copyright Lukasz Warzecha/Lyon Outdoor

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‘Sub-Zero’ – new EpicTV series

I spent most of December in Canada filming and producing for EpicTV and Polished Project a video series called Sub-Zero’. Chasing the best athletes and best ice conditions requires a lot of time and I had a blast following Raphael Slawinski, Will Gadd, Gordon McArthur and John Freeman and finding out why ice climbing has become so special for them… it’s been an eye opening experience as well!
3 out 4 episodes have been released already reaching over 300k 460k 500k 560k 600k 700k 900k views!
(last updated: 19th of March)

Check out our awesome trailer…

Sub-Zero by PolishedProject

Camera: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Edit: Wojtek Kozakiewicz/PolishedProject

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped with carrying gear, belaying or by lending me their spare bedroom, I couldn’t do it without you: Gordon, Travis, Becky, Aaron, Jen, Ian, Will, Sarah, Raphael, Wiktor, Scott, Kim, Malcolm, Kat, John and Katy!
And last but not least special thank you to my Becca… x

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Off Piste Performance – Photo Shoot

I was expecting this assignment to be good fun… and it kind of was… I’ve grown to love assignments where I have to push myself or even better when I get a chance to learn a thing or two along the way.
Following last year’s ‘run and gun’ style shoot with Alison Culshaw and her students this year we’ve concentrated on getting more specific action images. The weather and snow conditions were not on our side with warm temperatures and rain… but overall this factor alone helped us to create some interesting and moody images of the most known off piste location in ChamonixGrand Montets.

Big thank you to Ski Breezy for their fantastic hospitality. Absolutely recommended!

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Houlding and Randall left hanging… – new editorials

In the Summer/Autumn I shot two editorial assignments for two different mainstream magazines: Flipside with Tom Randall and Outdoor Fitness with Leo Houlding.

After shooting climbing professionally for the past 5 years I must remember that general public’s perception of climbing and climbers is very different to that we have inside our community. Take the shot of Leo for example… it’s an ‘old hat’ I know! Staged you say, he’s just showing off… agreed! It works though, it’s simple, striking and helps to tell the story… In fact my brief included a still grab from BBC’s ‘Wildest Dream’ programme with Leo soloing the ‘Flying Buttress’.
It’s what I like to call ‘experience based’… nothing which Leo or Tom wouldn’t have done normally, but as a creative person I’m giving it a twist… I’m directing it, to a certain point to get the best possible photographs. Because from my standpoint I’m being hired to get the shot on that particular day.
Working with Tom and Leo was good fun, they really are Rock Stars!

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Ice Climbing Festival – Sochi Olympic Park

Before you even ask… No, ice climbing is not part of the Winter Olympics! Hopefully one day it will be… hopefully!
Here’s just a few of my favourite photos from the Ice Climbing Festival at the Sochi Olympic Park.
If you’d like to know more please visit UIAA’s website.

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