Winter MTB Peak District

As the winter hits the UK again this week here’s some images from over a week ago I never had a chance to share on the blog. Beautiful morning light and fun adventure with Paul Davies at the Kinder Low End.
20150118_winter-MTB_Peak-District-_P1A2380 copy20150118_winter-MTB_Peak-District-_P1A2340 copy20150118_winter-MTB_Peak-District-_P1A2423 copy20150118_winter-MTB_Peak-District-_P1A2643 copy

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Roundup: 2014 – National Geographic | Wild Atlantic Way | EpicTV’s most watched clim

Phew! 2014 was jam-packed: we have worked on 3 continents on a multitude of projects. We laughed, we cried, we worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it.
So after taking a quiet moment to reflect, here are our favourite bits from a great year.

Thanks to all our lovely clients, subjects and collaborators.
Here’s to 2015!

Wild Atlantic Way
Summer saw us spent two weeks working with Adventure Travel Trade Association and Failte Ireland to capture the spirit of the Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland’s longest defined coastal routes) ahead of their 2015 PR campaign.
From sea kayaking to mountain biking it was an opportunity to show the diversity and richness of stories from Ireland.

National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure
Our challenge for National Geographic Talisker Storm Adventure was to join Alastair Humphreys and his team as they attempted a circumnavigation by land, sea, foot and bike of the Isle of Skye, and capture on film, stills and live web updates this extraordinary expedition.
It’s a challenge that pushed our skills, nerves and equipment to its limits. But a million YouTube views was a testament to its success.

EpicTV’s Most Watched Climbing video of 2014
When we saw the footage of John Freeman taking a 60 ft fall when the ice pillar he was climbing collapsed we knew there was a unique story to tell. We were honoured that John has placed his trust in us.
Working on this story was an emotional journey for all of us and we’re pleased we were able to share it with everyone.
1.2 million views and EpicTV’s most watched climbing video of the 2014.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

Christmas Card 2014

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World Climbing Calendar 2015

World’s best climbing photography curated into a beautiful calendar by Simon Carter. Great to be involved in a project featuring work by Sam Bie, Simon Carter and Keith Ladzinski!
You can get your own copy here.


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Ulrika Larsson – Portrait of Sea Kayaker [Portfolio Work]

At the right time and the right place with a kick ass talent… Ulrika runs her very own sea kayaking business – Green Adventures. It took us over two months from the idea to finally being on location and shooting. We have seriously underestimated how quickly the light will be fading this time of the year… we had to work really fast.
For all you gear geeks out there… the beautiful soft ambient light was balanced with the main light a 43” Parabolic Octabox with a diffusion panel fitted with two 600 EX-RT.
How big is your softbox?! ;-)
Ulrika Larsson sea kayaking, Swedish West Coast.Ulrika Larsson sea kayaking, Swedish West Coast.Ulrika Larsson sea kayaking, Swedish West Coast.Ulrika Larsson sea kayaking, Swedish West Coast.

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Louise Fox – Xterra Pro [Portfolio work]

Turning pro is a bold move in any sport. Louise Fox did just that earlier this year, after a successful number of years racing on the domestic and ETU/ITU Age Group triathlon scene, has now turned her attentions to racing as a professional off road.
Here’s a selection of images we’ve shot earlier in the Summer.

Louise-Fox_triathlon-_P7A5570_01c_final(no smoke)Louise-Fox_triathlon-KP1A8188_01cLouise-Fox_triathlon-_P1A8247_01cLouise-Fox_triathlon-_P1A8079_02aLouise-Fox_triathlon-_P1A7934_5b_final(crop with matching crop ratio)Louise-Fox_triathlon-_P1A8017_01c_finalLouise-Fox_triathlon-_P7A5570_01c_final(smoke)

Post-production: Freelance Retoucher

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Steve McClure and Leah Crane – MARMOT 3 piece video series

Early in the Autumn together with the Polished Project crew, we have shot this 3 part video series for Marmot featuring Leah Crane and Steve McClure.

Marmot_Episode1_SLATEMarmot PROs Steve McClure and Leah Crane embark on a road trip to the iconic area of North Wales. Close to Steve’s heart, it is packed with memories and full of incredible climbing, they’re their first visit is to the Dinorwig Slate Quarries for the super-classic Mau Mau, E4 6a.

Marmot_Episode2_DIAMONDSteve McClure and Leah Crane continue their North Wales road trip, this time on the trail of a diamond. ‘The Diamond’ is one of the UK’s finest sport cliffs, yet is also one of its least known. Leah and Steve explore the stunning limestone routes and take in the stunning coastal scenery.

Marmot_Episode3_MELTDOWNSteve McClure and Leah Crane finish their road trip with a visit to Twl Mawr. Meltdown f9a, is quite possibly the most difficult and technical slab route in the world. In this final episode we see Steve exploring the moves and holds, just how small are they?

Polished Project Team:
Wojtek Kozakiewicz – DoP/Editor
Ian Parnell – Creative Director/Cameramen
Lukasz Warzecha – Director/Cameramen

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Inside Devil’s Arse with Hardside 400

If you didn’t know… I’ve been lecturing a lot lately and after one of my recent lectures, during a Q&A session someone has asked – ‘What kind of personal work do you like to shoot?‘ I thought to myself ‘What an interesting question!’ while I was struggling to come up with a quick answer… I should know that, shouldn’t I?
And honestly I do but the answer is not as simple as you might think.
In my ‘personal work’ I like to challenge myself… Take myself, the gear I’m using and how I carry it outside of my comfort zone. On assignment I’m most likely to be executing the images and as much as I like to push myself and the vision, work time often isn’t the best time to experiment.

Key to Creativity is Error Recovery, Not Failure Avoidance!
The Dean of Pixar University, Randy Nelson

A huge part of being an outdoor/adventure photographer is the ability to be part of the action yourself.
Practising the sports and experiencing the environment we’re shooting is the only way to get to understand the small nuances and tricks of trade. Let’s face it, these small details make all the difference and make the images more authentic…
I’m not a caving photographer but I was drawn to the challenge of shooting underground. I knew I won’t create iconic images first time… but we all have to start somewhere and shooting the most obvious images is often the way to start.

I would also like to announce my new longstanding relationship with Lowepro, a company with 47 years of heritage in invention and innovation in photography bags.
DSC_2081 copy copy
For our caving adventure I have had a chance to test first hand Lowepro’s Hardside 400 – the largest in the range of brand new hard cases from Lowepro. There’re not yet available on the market so I was happy to put it through it’s paces in one of the harshest environments I’ve ever been to… hands down. More detailed review coming soon.
DSC_2058 copy copy
Big thank you to Rob, Jimmy and Ulrika… amazing and fun crew.
Also special thanks to Lyon Outdoor for supplying all the caving equipment and Lowepro for the opportunity to test their latest products.
BTS images copyright Jimmy Hyland.

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Wild Atlantic Way – Failte Ireland/Tourism Ireland

Here’s Ireland like you have never seen it before… country full of charismatic people, spectacular landscape and adventure awaiting round every corner (well, at least along the Wild Atlantic Way that is!). Here’s just a small selection of images I’ve shot in June for Failte Ireland and Adventure Travel Trade Association.
I’m very happy to be heading back… over the next few days I’m shooting/attending/speaking at the Adventure Travel World Summit!

Wild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic WayWild Atlantic Way

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Lectures and Workshops – Autumn 2014

Here’s just a quick list of lectures and workshops I’m doing this Autumn in the UK.

Starting at sunrise at the summit of Grin Hill, Buxton’s very own folly Solomon’s Temple is one of the town’s most distinctive landmarks and enjoys spectacular views across the High Peak.
Then take a journey beneath the earth to explore and photograph the vast limestone caverns of Poole’s Cavern where crystal stalactites and stalagmites have lined the chambers over millions of years.
We will have the cavern entirely to oourselves, as it does not open to the public until later in the morning.

This is your chance to find out what it’s really like to have the “Life of a Pro”. Is it all about glamour and jet setting around the world? I will be setting the story straight, illustrating his tales with his amazing images and films.
All the details and how to book your tickets…


‘ONCE IN A LIFETIME’ – Life Changing Stories & Images from the Edge / Ellis-Brigham Lecture Tour
“Living everyday life by his own words that “this is the most exciting time to be a photographer ever!”
From documenting the efforts of the worlds best athletes, shooting portraits of Reinhold Messner at the London’s Royal Geographical Society or mountain biking in the Outer Hebrides (cover story of The Guardian Travel) to filming short feature films (his ’Sub-Zero’ EpicTV video series feat. Will Gadd and Raphael Slawinski has reached over 2 million views) his work spans across a whole spectrum of outdoor activities.”
Cambridge, 1st Floor, Lion Yard Shopping Centre, CB2 3ET – 7.00pm Thursday 16th October 2014
London, 10-12 Southampton St, Covent Garden WC2E 7HA – 8.00pm Tuesday 21st October 2014
Bristol – The Kings Arms, 168 Whiteladies Rd, BS8 2XZ 7.30pm Wednesday 22nd October 2014
Manchester – Wellington Mill, Duke St, Manchester, M3 4NF 7.00pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

Tickets (available here) are £8 and all proceeds go to Climbers Against Cancer.

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