‘Sub-Zero’ – new EpicTV series

I spent most of December in Canada filming and producing for EpicTV and Polished Project a video series called Sub-Zero’. Chasing the best athletes and best ice conditions requires a lot of time and I had a blast following Raphael Slawinski, Will Gadd, Gordon McArthur and John Freeman and finding out why ice climbing has become so special for them… it’s been an eye opening experience as well!
3 out 4 episodes have been released already reaching over 300k 460k 500k 560k 600k 700k 900k views!
(last updated: 19th of March)

Check out our awesome trailer…

Sub-Zero by PolishedProject

Camera: Lukasz Warzecha/PolishedProject
Edit: Wojtek Kozakiewicz/PolishedProject

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped with carrying gear, belaying or by lending me their spare bedroom, I couldn’t do it without you: Gordon, Travis, Becky, Aaron, Jen, Ian, Will, Sarah, Raphael, Wiktor, Scott, Kim, Malcolm, Kat, John and Katy!
And last but not least special thank you to my Becca… x

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Off Piste Performance – Photo Shoot

I was expecting this assignment to be good fun… and it kind of was… I’ve grown to love assignments where I have to push myself or even better when I get a chance to learn a thing or two along the way.
Following last year’s ‘run and gun’ style shoot with Alison Culshaw and her students this year we’ve concentrated on getting more specific action images. The weather and snow conditions were not on our side with warm temperatures and rain… but overall this factor alone helped us to create some interesting and moody images of the most known off piste location in ChamonixGrand Montets.

Big thank you to Ski Breezy for their fantastic hospitality. Absolutely recommended!

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Houlding and Randall left hanging… – new editorials

In the Summer/Autumn I shot two editorial assignments for two different mainstream magazines: Flipside with Tom Randall and Outdoor Fitness with Leo Houlding.

After shooting climbing professionally for the past 5 years I must remember that general public’s perception of climbing and climbers is very different to that we have inside our community. Take the shot of Leo for example… it’s an ‘old hat’ I know! Staged you say, he’s just showing off… agreed! It works though, it’s simple, striking and helps to tell the story… In fact my brief included a still grab from BBC’s ‘Wildest Dream’ programme with Leo soloing the ‘Flying Buttress’.
It’s what I like to call ‘experience based’… nothing which Leo or Tom wouldn’t have done normally, but as a creative person I’m giving it a twist… I’m directing it, to a certain point to get the best possible photographs. Because from my standpoint I’m being hired to get the shot on that particular day.
Working with Tom and Leo was good fun, they really are Rock Stars!

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Ice Climbing Festival – Sochi Olympic Park

Before you even ask… No, ice climbing is not part of the Winter Olympics! Hopefully one day it will be… hopefully!
Here’s just a few of my favourite photos from the Ice Climbing Festival at the Sochi Olympic Park.
If you’d like to know more please visit UIAA’s website.

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January in Snaps

January has been full of extremes… a real mix of cultures and overall an eye opening experience!
It was great to shoot and hang out with Rebecca Dent, Leah Crane, Neil Gresham, Wojtek Kozakiewicz, David Murrie and the UIAA IWC athletes.
Next stop Sochi and Winter Olympics!

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George May – ‘Country Life’ collection

Unusual, I know… Eco conscious, high performance fashion designs!

Fashion photography seems a far cry from adventure photography… but I was drawn to George May’s designs and was inspired to work with him and his collection as it fuses technical fabrics in order to create flattering modern garments.
George combines ethically sourced down from DownCodex with ethical, down proof Tencel and Merino wool base layers.

In George’s own words…
‘The collection “Country Life” is inspired by the practical, minimal elegance of animals and their interaction with the British countryside.
Combinations of protective silhouettes, soft flowing lines and tailored waists create a look that highlights how subtlety and necessity can be all that’s needed for true beauty.
Intricate pattern cutting and ecological finishes are applied to natural fabrics in order to create clothing that is completely flattering and luxurious with all the performance a modern woman needs.’

Designs: George May
Photography: Lukasz Warzecha
Model: Katharine White, Alan Sharman Agency
Hair and make up: Danielle Abbotts
Photography assistant: Jake Thompson

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The last few days at sea felt like a time warp… surely we’ve been here for much longer! The initial excitement and novelty soon turned into a blur of sunrises and sunsets… shots nailed and shots failed! We seem to be able to remember only the last few… if they were great our moods were high!
This is just a beginning of our EpicTV ‘DWS’ project…big thank you to Neil Gresham, Leah Crane and our entire crew for giving it absolutely everything!
Visit PolishedProject website for more updates soon.

Now home bound…

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December in Snaps

It’s been a while since I had time to post regularly on here…
I’ve spent most of December on a filming trip in Canada, shooting an EpicTV series with Gordon McArthur, Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski and John Freeman.
Here’s just a few snaps to illustrate the whole month of December.

I’m shooting in South Korea and Vietnam for the most part of January.

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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014

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Night of Adventure | Hope & Homes for Children

On the 30th of September I’m joining some of the world’s top explorers and daredevils to share my own experiences of adventure. Each of us will be limited to just 20 slides shown on the enormous cinema screen and each slide will scroll forward automatically after just 20 seconds. Quite a challenge!

The event’s host is TV presenter and anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota, who is currently featuring in ITV’s new heritage series, Britain’s Secret Homes.
Mary-Ann said: “The speakers at ‘Night of Adventure’ may have travelled the world several times over and found themselves in some pretty hairy situations along the way, but their talks on 30 September could well be their biggest challenge to date.
“Once they begin there is no stopping or turning back – it’s fast, furious and extremely stressful for the speaker.

More than 500 guests will be treated to 12 talks from some of the finest adventurers on the face of the planet during the ‘Night of Adventure’ event at Vue Cinema in Manchester’s Lowry Centre on Monday 30 September 2013.

To book your TICKETS ($14 each) follow here…

This will be first NoA event in Manchester and 14th in total. To date, the events alone have raised over £70,000 for Hope and Homes for Children.

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